If you’re stumped and need a little help, you’re on the right page. You’ll probably be able to find the answer to your questions right here. Due to the popularity of our novelty products, we are overwhelmed by contact Questions. When you send an inquiry we try to respond within 24 hours, however at times we are extremely busy, and may respond after a couple days. We have prepared this Faq for your own convenience, and would appreciate if you would take the time to read it in order to see, whether your question is already answered below.

We are the world’s number one original novelty id card designer, with its main customer base in Europe. We have since become one of the top card designers in the world.

What Do Your Originals Look Like?

Originals are like any other original design, template designs created by top professionals in the industry with quality and attention to every detail. Originals are custom designed for your own personal or private use. All original designs are for own your novelty, commemorative, celebratory, dedicatory, in memory, in remembrance, memorial, observing, souvenir and amusement, and not for any legal or official purpose, not in any way be used or acted on as genuine. Each original design custom created are not a replacement of any genuine government card or document.

Are Your Products Government Issued?

Absolutely NOT! All our designs are custom made originals to your own specifications for your own use. They are NOT designed or issued by any government agency, and is NOT a replacement of any government issued card or document, and specifically designed for your own amusement, not in any way to be used to be used for any legal or official purpose, or to use, deal with or act upon it as if they were genuine, or to induce any person by the belief that it is a genuine government issued card or document.

Can You Alter My Present Card or Document?

Absolutely NOT! We cannot change any official card or document, make any material alteration, add to it, remove or erase to modify or make an addition to a true genuine card or document. Any virtual original driver license card or document is for your personal privacy and personal use with the understanding they are NOT officially issued by any government agency, and is NOT a replacement of any government issued card or document.

Do Originals Say, Copyright, Not Government, Fake or Counterfeit?

Any original card or document does not have the words copyright, not government, fake or counterfeit embedded. Your design will be a true virtual original driver license for your own personal use and amusement.

Do Originals Say Driver License or Identification card?

Any original can say drivers license, identification, student card, international card, security card as per your preference. Please be sure to indicate this on the order form in order to receive the true virtual original driver license, identification, student card, international card, security card for your own personal use and amusement.

Do You Provide Any Records To My Country, About My Purchase Of Your Novelty Products?

Absolutely NOT! We take protecting our network of customers very seriously, therefore we choose to err on the side of extra caution when it comes to your confidentiality and privacy in applying security measures that could result in customers being affected. We will not disclose any specific information, as this would undermine the effectiveness of our security measures. We do not disclose any Information about our valued clients’ novelty orders to any governmental authority. We will never sell, trade, or otherwise makes available any personal information about our customers to any third parties, without customers approval. We do not collect personal information about you without your permission as you browse our website, and respect your privacy, security and confidentiality.

Are All Novelty Products Available for Delivery?

All original designs are available for immediate delivery and in stock. Simply browse our site, and if a novelty product is clickable with an “Order Now Button” – that means an original design in the newest updated format is in stock and available in newest design for immediate shipment.

Are The Front And Back Of All Cards The Same?

All Originals can be designed in same format as industry standard products with various fonts and clarity that incorporates barcodes, images, scannable information, signature panels or magnetic strips as required on any available for your own private or business use.

Can I Visit Your Office To Pick Up My Order In Person?

No! Our delivery office is merely a routing destination for receiving orders, and our processing department is located offshore, therefore, you are unable to pick up or drop off your order. We can still offer you exceptional service via mail-order. Orders are couriered to our processing department daily, so you can be rest assured there are no delays, and your order will be processed instantly the minute it arrives at our international destination.

Can I Get Any Product Or Certificate Design From Any Country?

Absolutely! Imagine it, and it can be created. The only limit is your imagination! Originals designs can be designed from any country worldwide, and in any language of your choice… from Scuba instructor, Warranty, Security, Massage Therapist, Auto Mechanic Instructor, Business License, Award, Real Estate, Degree and Diploma Certificates. Various Degrees, Ordained Minister, Royalty Titles, Kung Fu Master, Club Member, Library, Student, Identity, Insurance, Permit, Scuba Diver, International Driver, Frequent Flyer, Novelty Id Cards, Fake Driver License, Driver Permits, Security Social Card, Ski Lift Card, New Identity, Membership cards, CIA, DEA, FBI, Private Detective, Bondsman, Bounty Hunter, Casino, Press, Access Cards and much more…or virtually any kind of product you desire. From a single card to multiple prints. the choice is yours…

Do All Products Have Security Features, Scannable, Barcode And Holograms?

Products are automatically embedded with the background, style, layout, color, security features, signature strips, scannable data and fonts as normally issued depending on place of issue. Using the best quality of templates and colors to bring any card or certificate to life with holograms that vary depending on place off issue, including all custom security features, scannable and barcode requirements as any original card…the choice is yours, and if you require any additional custom features, simply indicate this on your order form.

Do I Have To Send You A Of Any Card Or Custom Product I Desire?

Every single original pre-design template is in stock. The finest products from concept to completion have been made available directly to us from around the world, therefore you do not need to send us any card samples, unless our order department specifically requests it. If you would like to supply a unique for reference and have it added to our original format sample collection, please enclose it with your order.

Do Your Originals Really Look As Good As You Say?

We have been told our original card designs don’t do us justice. While they are professionally designed, they are by no means “government issued” cards or documents. Although our novelty designs are a true representation of our original design, they are not issued by or under the authority of any local government, a foreign government, political subdivision of a foreign government, an international governmental or and quasi-governmental organization. Any product to be considered government issued, must have been issued under the authority of a government organization. Our novelty designs have every part of the finished product, from concept to completion, and specifically designed for your own amusement.

Why Should I Order From You?

Why shouldn’t you? We found no other site who truly “designed an original driver license”…So we started to create an original design to catch every important detailed technique. Every tiny nuance. Basically, we undressed the whole design template process with visual quality, and absolutely no loss of any original details……An end result of original perfection with absolutely spectacular visual impact. Only one kind of company can do that. A company who understands how to create Perfect original driver license designs….Now that’s an original idea. . .

How Do I Know You Are Legitimate And Trustworthy?

Trust is a two way street; you get it if you give it. We have been providing novelty id product designs to customers for over two decades, and are here to serve our valued customers need. There are many sites that claim to sell great novelty id and new identity products, and some of legitimate novelty id card suppliers even purchase their originals from us, but you are absolutely right, you don’t want to be ordering a novelty card and then having the site disappear. Trust is an essential part of our business relationship with customers, as we genuinely believe your intentions are honorable and you are purchasing novelty products from a legitimate novelty design company for your own amusement.

Can You Recommend A Shop Or Review Site Located In My Country?

We do not provide reviews of other sites, nor do we discourage the purchase of any type of novelty card designs from our competition, and the reason for this is simple. If a competitor site wants your business, they will most certainly tell you not to buy from the competition, and post negative reviews about their competitor. In fact the majority of our customers have purchased products form one site or another, and then find out the novelty site has vanished, and in the end they become our loyal customer. A legitimate site does not need to review their competitor site or post bad reviews in order to gain the customers approval. One only needs to use simple common sense to realize that a site posting reviews on other sites is obviously in the business of directing customers to their own site. We don’t pass judgment on other sites, but we can tell you that our site is completely legitimate, and we guarantee delivery of all orders.

How Often Do You Update Your Templates?

As soon as a new virtual driver license original design is introduced, our professionals squirrel away for weeks, feverishly re-creating, and re-generating, and scouring every nook and cranny available from hundreds of private databases. Suddenly, a new design template is born, and then…voila our templates are updated. Technology has become increasingly advanced, so we do our best to keep up with new technology, changing designs and templates. Over and over again, year after year original templates from the ground up, are updated solely for your own privacy collection and to make it available to you.

Can I Get A Product With My Own Numbers, Barcodes And Identifying Number?

Absolutely! Any product of your choice can be unique and individual with your own number, barcode or security number, so let your imagination run wild.

What Type Of Package Do You Use To Mail My Products?

No mention of content is written or shown on package, and everything is completely discreet, and securely shipped in a normal small envelope to protect your privacy and confidentiality.

What Type Of Photo Size Or Background Color Do I Require?

Depending on the product photo size will vary. Standard designs use 1″ X 1” color photos, preferably passport photo, digital photo or scanned photo or photos taken at photo booths, or basically any photo with your shoulders visible. Standard background for most designs are blue. Large photo can be automatically reduced. Any photo is acceptable, and can be automatically trimmed and adjusted to fit the card of your choice.

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